Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Rape of a river.

Its true to say my local river Charente is in real trouble. The local farmers still continue to water crops, when as you can see by the pictures the river is dry as a bone!

Barbel, chub, carp, and other coarse fish are in real danger of having nothing to swim in. The future of this river is now in the hands of people, who don't care about the future, just this years crop, its rape pure and simple!

Monday, 27 July 2009

A change of plan!

For the past 12 weeks or so, we have had no rain. The Charente region has been bone dry, and the river Touvre is very, very low. This and the lack of weed I mentioned a few weeks ago, is putting a huge pressure on the fish. For this reason I'm stopping Trout fishing early, or until we get some appreciable amount of rain?

I know at this time many people will still be fishing, as the bigger fish are easier to find. But for me its all about the place, and how I catch my fish. And chasing pressured fish with nowhere to go, is not me cup of tea, so!!

I have started fishing for Carp, with my 9# fly rod. I have found a few fish, and am trying to get them on the top taking bread, or cat biscuits. But boy for wild, uncaught fish are they spooky!?

However I'm not giving up the chance to fish for other coarse fish, whilst I'm out fishing. I recently managed a small Tench (rare on nymph) and a decent Bream, both on nymph. The Tench was coming in nicely when a huge Pike took it by the head, and crunched the poor creature. I released it, but didn't think it would survive very long!?

The Carp? Well only time will tell?