Saturday, 28 November 2009

Winter is still around the corner.

It's been some time since my last blog, but I haven't been idol, I've been learning to play the guitar!!

Winter is still not upon us, and yet it's nearly December. It must be the mildest autumn I can remember, with daytime temperatures in the upper teens, and no frost to date! The other good news is we are having some decent rain that is getting the rivers in good condition, but for how long no one knows?

The water authorities have this action they take, when we have any amount of excess water. It's to open all the flood gates leading to the sea. This has the effect of flushing everything downstream, including fish fry. It's done for ease, rather than any thought for environmental issues. There are several barrages on the Charente, but they are not used with any thought to fishing matters!
Plus it's not a really effective use of excess water, when so much needed in the summer months for the farmers crops!.? What we need is a series of good reservoirs in the region, that all concerned can call on in times of feast and famine.

The local news papers this back end, were full of news about thousands of tons of fish lost (carp, pike, zander etc) when central lakes had there water abstracted. Anglers were furious, but nothing has been done to prevent it happening again in future years?

I gather we (our fly fishing club) have lost out fight to have the trout season opening put back a month, on our local river Touvre. So just like last year, female trout will be caught, and killed during their reproductive period. It seems the local fishing association just cannot get change done, even when everyone agrees it's for the best! But that's France for you.

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