Friday, 8 January 2010

The Big Freeze.

When I first moved to France some 7 years ago, it was fairly rare to get snow. If we did it was just a flurry, and gone the next day. However this year not only have we had a large amount, but it has settled. So right now we are in the depths of a big freeze, and from the forecasts have more to come.
Clearly fishing is out right now, as it's more important to keep a good supply of wood cut, for my ever hungry wood burner. Most people in rural France use wood as a major fuel source, and it's normally available it a price comparative with oil, or electric. However in my view its far better, as it's green, and very efficient. We use between 6-10 sq-cubic meters each winter, 90% is oak.

I have a good friend who works in the Forestry business. He informs me that even though all this wood is used for heating every year, France is planting more than enough to replace it every year, I feel very good about this!

About this time of year, many of the trout in my local river move upstream to spawn. Some stay in the main river and spawn there, and those seem to be the later spawners. But those that run the mini cascade in the little river might spawn earlier, I just dont know?
What I do know is all this cold weather does more good that harm. It's only with harsh winters like this that many of the bugs unliked by farmers get killed off. But I will be happy when it's all gone, and I can get back to my rivers.

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