Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Vairon (Minnow) fishing equipment.

I've been out in the garden with the new rod practicing casting the small weights required for Vairon fishing. Why you may ask?

Well a vital part of fishing the dead minnow, is being able to place the Vairon in exactly the right spot. This may be a whole in the weed just a foot square. Or under a bank side under-water tree root, an ideal spot for big trout!

Mostly this is done with just an under hand flick of the rod tip, sending the 4 gram minnow and rig on it's way. But sometimes an over head or side cast is required.

Fishing with a fixed spool reel is much easier than making a fly rod work, and you don't require as much space to cast, but it still requires skill, if you want accuracy, so hence the practice. I'm casting into a small bucket placed at various distances, and it's coming on. I have seen some real expect (Vairon) casters on my local river, but they are few and far between. The ones that ARE really good, catch a lot of big fish every season.

The pictures with today's blog are of the new rod and reel, some cracking trout lures (including a new Bullhead lure) and the frames needed to hold the Minnow in place.

The ones in the picture with a small disc at the top (Godille) are the most used in this region. And they are the most easy to use, as the disc works the water. But they are fiddly to make up, as you have to thread the line through the Minnow every time you want to bait up.

The other in the picture with the hooks on are called (clou) or nails in English. These are much quicker to attach, but the animation of the bait has to come from the angler. I'm giving both a try this season.
In my next blog, I will explain how I am going to keep the Minnows during the summer months, and how I will keep them fresh on the river bank!?


  1. Hi Richard,

    I've been following your non-fly adventures with interest...
    It's all too easy to dismiss the skill involved in spinning (and float fishing, legering et al) but to do so is to miss out on some exciting and challenging sport - your observations seem to reinforce this.

    Looking forward to seeing some results.


    PS: how are you finding the HMH Standard?

  2. Thanks Andy,
    Clearly I would only fly fish given the choice, as it's my first love. But this river's fly life is really on the decline, and my choice is limited to night fishing caddis, if I only fish with a fly.
    This way early season I may get a really decent big fish on a spinner type bait. Keep in touch buddy.